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A judge will be hearing the case on student masking. But first we've got to check with Doug Lindsay and the manager and Libyan accident Attorneys Traffic centre 1 807 4731 807 473733 Good morning Natalie. This report is sponsored by Lows North bound on U. S one in South Dade watch for road crews blocking the left lane after Coral Reef drive, causing some minor delays on the approach. An earlier wreck. Dortmund in the Palmetto After Tamiami Trail has delays back to Coral way and North bound 95 heading out of Broward. You're going to find some slow spots from Southwest 10th up to Palmetto Park Road. Are you ready for fall, But your house isn't luckily, lows has what you need and the prices. You want to get your front yard backyard every yard ready to host this season Gardening and grilling and leaf blowing starts at Lowe's. I'm Doug Lindsay NewsRadio. 6 10. W I. O D. Another hot day for us here in South Florida 88 right now in Delery Beach, pushing 88, Fort Lauderdale and 89 in Kendall. To go to the judge is refusing to dismiss the case filed by parents against our governor over his mask.

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