Russell Brand Calls 'Russiagate' a 'Democratic Conspiracy'


How are we supposed to interpret celebrities coming out who were once on the radical left and now are saying things that were and are very obvious russell brand who is a comedian. He's pretty fair on most things. He's all over the place. No trump fan though at all he has now come out and he has criticized russia gate. Now i'm saying this for a reason because we have a new episode out with cash patel that i encourage all of you to listen to but if you wanna listen to in my opinion. The best analysis of the origins of the russian investigation of peter struck of lisa page of where the all came from. And where we are headed. I'm telling you cash patel who is being targeted by every major institution on the left that you can imagine key breaks down how john durham is building a criminal conspiracy case against the deep state. It was compelling. It was detailed. I pushed him on a lot of different things. And that's exclusively on the charlie kirk show. Podcast app of cash patel. It's one of my favorite episodes. We've done in recent times and it's all around this topic of who is going to be held accountable for what was done back in two thousand sixteen two thousand seventeen timeframe with peter struck and lisa page spying on a presidential campaign and hoping to get away with russ or russell brand now says well. This is all from the clinton campaign russell. The great sean. Hannity has been saying this on his program for literally the last four years but better late than never. I suppose. Play cut fifty six. We'll move so fast. It's almost no time for history. It seems like years ago that we would hear. In the trump was colluding with russia. They would've won the election without russia that he's whole presidency was kind of employees. Well there's now serious evidence that it was the clinton campaign and hillary clinton acolytes lueth directly involved in the generation of has proven to be a conspiracy untrue. Think about how much media watched me a person who i think broadly speaking. He's from the left. A liberal certainly not trump support in republican with respect to those of you that are i find myself in awe gobsmacked flabbergasted in startled by these revelations. The russia gate was a democrat conspiracy.

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