Mexican forces surround border migrant camp


Mexican authorities are moving to expel Haitians who've been gathering in large numbers at a border town along the Rio Grande Haitian migrants who've been camping in Mexico in Riverside Park in C. data kuya awoke surrounded by Mexican security forces as a helicopter thundered overhead a fence line in a line of state police vehicles final migrants back to the crossing point they've been using all week dozens of families opted to hustle into the river and cross the border to Texas calculating it was better to take their chances with U. S. authorities three buses that have been waiting with National Guard troops in immigration agents left empty meanwhile Mexican National Guard immigration agents let overnight raids at hotels and see you dot com yeah we're Haitian migrants have been staying people were detained relate out with their hands secured behind our backs and loaded into a van local resident role on the Kerr said he thought the way immigration officials retreating nations was inhumane we are not discriminating but people are seeing us this way as if we are discriminating against them Mexico is flying plane loads of Haitian migrants to southern cities and trying to keep more from reaching the northern border I'm Jennifer king

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