Senators Want FTC Enforcement on Autopilot


Aren't so pretty. Nice day for tesla stock today shaking off some of the red from earlier this week. Finishing up three and a half percent to six hundred eighty dollars ninety nine cents comparatively. The nasdaq was down nine. Tenths of a percent most of that drop happening in the last hour. Two hours of trading after the fed minutes came out so the minutes from the federal reserve's meeting today indicating that they are considering tapering off their monthly asset purchases sometime in the near term but obviously those things can and often do change so the market reacting to that towards the end of trading and tesla got pulled down a bit as well so pretty strong day for automakers just across the board today so we ejected on this yesterday but will check in again today probably for the last time this week but weekday performance so far tussles down about four percent a little bit less than four percent so far and actually now doing about a half a percent to full percentage point better than gm. Ford's atlanta's volkswagen and neo so despite all the coverage of the knits investigation. If you'd just slept through the first few days of the week which is actually not a bad strategy for an investor and you just looked at automaker performances we to date. You'd have no idea that there was investigation on tesla. And you'd probably say oh tesla's having a pretty good week relative to others so markets down today tesla up and that was despite reports that two. Us senators are currently urging the federal trade commission to open a probe into whether or not tesla used deceptive marketing practices involving drivers systems features which tesla of course calls autopilots and full. Self-driving that is per the wall street journal. They write quote in a letter to the head of the fdic. We con dated wednesday senators. Richard blumenthal of connecticut and ed markey of massachusetts said they have serious concerns about how tesla advertises. Its advanced driver assistance features. Which don't enable vehicles to operate autonomously. They took aim chief executive elon. Musk for some of his comments and quote.

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