Joe Biden Passes the Buck on Afghanistan


Why. Cnn and other left leaning journalist turned on biden over afghanistan. they could've covered for some of them. Did that goofy nicole. Wallace over at msnbc said that ninety five percent of americans are with biden on his speech. But not don lemon not wolf blitzer not even go down the list david actual rod. I mean there. He's getting blasted from all sides over his disastrous speech and there were two takeaways first of all after a lot of speculation that he wasn't even physically capable of appearing because he was hunkered down and camp david for days on vacation so at least he did speak but then when he spoke it was a disaster because in inciting or invoking the hairiest truman bromide. The buck stops here. Biden does pass the buck to. Everybody else was trump's fault. It's the afghan fighters fall so generous fault. It's the politicians faulted the president. I guess who. The people fallen from the planes in the sky over kabul right sleepy

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