A highlight from An Honest Conversation With Dr. Howard Farran Of Dentaltown About The Future Of Dentistry


Because i've been listening to and reading his stuff for years So glad to have him on the show today. This is dr howard for on. He is the creator. I mean he does a lot of stuff and we'll get into that in a second but he's actually the creator founder owner of dental town. Which i know a lot of you use as a major resource to help. Run your dental practices so howard. Thanks so much for taking the time to be on today. I it's an honor We should start a mutual admiration clubs. I've been big fan of yours for a decade awesome. Thank you. i'm going to get right to it as you know. You've you've got tons of experience you've got you've forgotten more things about dentistry than i'll ever know so what i'm after here in into pick your brain. Is you know how to help. Clients how to help potential clients how to help dentistry in general which i know that you're a big part of as well but why don't you tell me a little bit about how you create a dental town. I in in how that idea started. And and just a little background their man you gotta go back to. I got eighty seven and then it was about nineteen ninety four. I saw amazon go public. And i couldn't figure out what all the who was but i i on then by a sheridan and watching watching watching through nine four nine five nine six nine seven and then about ninety eight. I finally realized. Oh my god. This rolling is going to be huge and i was on. I never had a ridge lied yet. My next door neighbor was a dentist. I went to work with kenny anderson. On my dad my dad owned a sonic drive-in making geez earth again. He was a dentist. I thought the x ray machine was harbaugh cooler than getting real and on. But i was on the espn website and message board thing route. Talking about gosh darn. I wish i could be doing this. Dentists and talking about root canals. Fillings of marketing. Soy hire ken scott room. Starting dental town we were. The first would beat facebook by five years and at first mover advantage you know the regime versus harvard. Only because it's i was launched eleven years before pepsi. there's still number one and that first mover advantage. It's kinda like hall of fame website. Now have ortho town to the women on the only specialist in one of their own side all the other vice owes and all the orthodontist on downtown but they just want a private community of just an honest. But it's really. It's really been cool to watch social media. We have generation the first twenty years. The first is always the worst. And everybody's learning how That's going on and everything but he did change the world. I mean facebook Anna which owns instagram than alphabet. Which google and youtube. They sucked out about eighty percent of all the advertising dollars in america and that killed Billiards killed radio killing tea. And and that's why these demonstrates facilitated because they're competing now against his those and dso's neve enough skill or they can sit there and say let's get the one billboard on the corner of the two highways and radio. I need hundred dollars an hour commercial. I'm clear choice. Bad hole that implant company has been so zayn times a now Bob fontana acetones. Because my josh they can do thirty minute infomercials on implants and a day so now we got this and you know the the first guys. I noticed that were really really smart about.

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