Buffleheads Are Highly Reliant on Northern Flickers – Here’s Why

Dirty Bird Podcast


Some koufax i found about the buffalo head is they're highly. Reliant on northern flickers northern flickers are really species. Yeah and they're highly reliant on their nesting. Cavities we have them here. We have northern flickers here. There's actually a pair not too far from where i live In one of the trees. But i think the tail feathers and the wing feathers are different. Color yeah on the flickers here than the flickers where you are out west. You guys have read shafted northern flickers and out here we have golden shaft. northern flickers When i i Went out west for the first time in like you know into yosemite did all those national parks i remember seeing a northern flicker and it had the red red shafts on the bottom of wings and the tail and i had no idea what kind of bird it was like. Oh my god the things huge and it's all red like and then i realized. Oh it's a northern flickers. She's you know colored different. I kind of forgot that fact. But apparently there there's northern flicker nesting. Cavities are like just the right size for the buffalo head. They're like just big enough for them. To nest in and buffalo heads are like on the smaller side for cavity nesting ducks other ducks like the wood. Duck that nest in old woodpecker. Cavities and stuff. So the buffets are like jih small enough to fit in and so that helps them You know Not get out competed by by bigger nesting ducks so they're really relying on those northern flickers.

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