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Brewers and pirates today, wrapping up a three game series Eric Lower against Dylan Peters. That is the pitching matchup for lower He is returning after being on the Covid injured list and this is his first start. You never really know. You know when the guy has been sitting out for a while, the Brewers Yeah, I guess this is part of the benefit of having the lead in the division that the Brewers have. It doesn't feel like they're using rehab stents the way that maybe they normally would. I I believe unless I'm wrong on this, But I do believe that coming off a covid injure off the covid I l that if they wanted to go get him a spot start at Triple A just Get him. That's past art they could on a rehab assignment. I don't think I've never seen that You're not allowed to do rehab assignments when it's when it's covid related. I can't say the same thing. With Christian geologist coming back that the Brewers seemed pretty content to let these guys come back and let them return to the big League team after being not really doing much of anything for a week and a half or so. And then go from there. Now we'll see what happens. John Doe Gustav is back with the team. He's taking a little while to ramp up and we've been given the indication that eight year and Hauser is gonna take a little bit of time to ramp back up as well as he gets set to return. He's supposed to meet the team in ST Louis when they get there coming up on Tuesday, the manager Craig Counsell, earlier today was asked about the expectations. With a lower coming back from the covid injure list. Same as always, is, Eric, you know, just pitch well and then when it's time to go get him. We'll go get them, Um Nothing. Nothing firm. Um, you know, that's it will probably be less than if you're pitching every every six days, you know, and multiple starts, But, um, you know, he's never stopped throwing. Um, he's just had a little break. You should be fresh should be strong and ready to go. So there you go. So I would be surprised if you get much more than five innings out of out of Eric lower today. That's he has not pitched in a game and quite some time, so it probably will be probably a little bit of a lesser day. The leash will be a little bit shorter today than it would on most days. The Brewers have an off day tomorrow, so they don't have to worry about Trying to be able to do anything with the bullpen as you know, saving arms. Now that yesterday was a doubleheader in that first game kind of got out of control, and a lot of guys were used in that game yesterday. But all that being said, you get the sense that they're fine from a bullpen perspective going into today. Last time Eric Lower pitched was back on August 2nd. So it's been 13 days. Since he has pitched in a major league game that was against Pittsburgh. So in fact, this is going to be his third straight start against Pittsburgh that always that always concerns you a little bit as a pitcher. You don't like that when you're seeing the same team over and over and over started against Pittsburgh back on July try actually appeared against Pittsburgh came in out of the bullpen that game. Back on July 28 13 innings, allowing to run on two hits. Then on August 2nd. He did start went five innings, giving up three hits, three strikeouts and no walk, so he will Will make the start today for for the Brewers coming off the covid list. If you're just now joining us the moves that were made to get him back onto the roster. He was reinstated from the Covid Angelis. Justin Topa was optioned to Triple A Nashville, Erin Ashby returned to Triple A Nashville as the as the 27th Man from yesterday. And then John Curtis was transferred to the 60 Day and your list as they make room on the 40 Man roster for Eric lower by transferring Curtis from the from the 10 Day to the 60 Day injured list. And Yeah, those are the most. I don't know. Last time they sent to Ashby down. He did not go back to Nashville. He went on to the prod the taxi squad and stayed with the Big League team. It's pretty clear. Just listening to the comments that were made last night by Craig Counsell that they are going to work to find a spot on the roster for Ashby might not be in the starting rotation. I would not be shocked. It might make a little bit of sense here for as you know, as we're being as we're being, given the indication that Adrian Hauser might not be Released his his ability stretch back out might take a little while. Maybe it would make sense for Ashby and Hauser to kind of become a A piggyback tandem here for a little while. As Hauser gets gets back, stretched out, those two guys could could potentially work together on that. But again that requires a roster spot to Ashby. They'd have to find a spot on the 26th man roster for Ashby and also for house or, for that matter, Hauser is not on it. So they're going to clear 40 Man roster spot when Houser comes back off the Covid injured list and also clear spot off the 26 Man roster about two weeks away from rosters expanding to 28 so that will help a little bit, but we'll see how that all plays out. Alright, that is it for this edition of brewers Warm up. We are going to send things to Pittsburgh. That's where Jeff Lovering and Lane Grendel are standing by again. The pitching matchup today, Eric Lower going for the crew. Dylan Peters. He is going to be making the start for Pittsburgh coming up from Triple A Indianapolis Brewers. Baseball begins in one minute here on Wtmj.

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