Bas Rokers, NYU Abu Dhabi Takes Your Brain Through Virtual Reality


What if you could walk into a room full of strangers and see names another elephant details floating above everyone's head. Augmented reality can make such world possible. The technology may soon be built into glasses. For example so does virtual content can be superimposed on our view of the real world. Engineers are close to solving many challenges involved in augmented reality at the same time however our understanding of the conditions on the which our brains can or cannot take advantage of the additional information is relatively limited in a recent study at the university of wisconsin madison and newark university. I would dhabi manipulated. The virtual content displayed. We found it under naturalistic. Viewing conditions the brain exploits. Small involuntary had movements which we call head jitter to improve visual perception for augmented reality devices to work well debt for they should record your head jitter and update the virtual content accordingly as an imported aside. We founded commonly available virtual reality headsets. Do not work well for large fraction of the population. Specifically some popular. Headsets provide a poor fit to women. As a result females tend to report a poor visual experience and greater motion sickness. I work informs the design of new virtual and augmented reality devices and may help us. Better understand deniro. Mechanisms that are disrupted in perceptual disorders.

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