Caller Talks About Growing Our Movement From the Ground Up


Good to talk to you again. Last time we spoke, was right Before the 2016 election. I was still employed as a corrections officer up here in Washington. Yeah, well, now there's no use for correction officers are letting everybody out of prison. I My wife, uh, is, uh, has been listened to your show a lot and I've been working all the wives love me. That's pretty interesting. Anyway. Go ahead. Yeah, but no, I just wanted to say that, uh, we've been getting a little more active up this way and the only way we're going to really get a chance to Keep Things halfway normal in our country is from the ground up and that 100% agree community. You're absolutely right today running for our city. I met a guy today running for City Council real good guy, And so I'm going to start making more of a habit and sitting down with these people, and I think I think that's the only way we're going to be able to do it because we can't stop these people from swimming all there's a lot of ways we can, as opposed that not just electing people, which we ought to do. But we have to attack those who have devoured the the culture and our politics For whom elections don't matter. The India doesn't care who you elect. They intend to be around forever. We have a permanent government here. In many respects the bureaucratic Levison These teachers unions they own and run our school districts. School board members come and go. I'm not saying that's a minor fact. I mean, I'm saying it's important to like the right people, but We have to go after the enemy. We need to call them the enemy. We need to call them what they are. And until we do that, we're not going to win. We're certainly not. Maybe we'll win a little here and there, but we're not really going to seriously look.

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