A highlight from Training Camp Day 2: with Shelby Harris and Alexander Johnson


Daily jest with brandon krisztal. I want everything. I want all the meatballs and pasta. That'd be training camp practice number. Two thursday broncos country guess we could call it teddy bridgewater thursday because teddy bridgewater certainly had himself a better date and then grew locked it. I don't want to say that teddy had amazing day. Because he was not dicing up the broncos defense he was just taking what the events gave him thrown at short on swing passes play action and then just hitting the receiver in the flat or on a we'll never really wheel route. But there's one time we're tim. Patrick basically kinda ran a banana out. I guess out of the out of the slot where he was pretty wide open Awesome play action. Andrew lock had a struggle for most of the day until the final red zone period of the day. So if you're keeping score at home. And i talked some people in the building whose opinion i trust more so than people who cover the team like myself but a lot of us had drew lock with a slight edge yesterday in practice number one over teddy. Today it wasn't even close and that was the consensus and then a one person. I talked to said that if drew doesn't string together a few more days like that competition is going to be over before it ever really begin. So i imagine drew locks aware of that. He's going to go in and as i'm recording this now. He's probably already doing that. Unless this is during their break but breaking it down with mike shula and with pat shurmur and trying to figure out what he needs to do better to emulate what he did yesterday and and to get rid of days like today although he was a lot of times to verse twos which means the second team defense but also means you the second team. Oh line with them. Is that a factor. I don't know the most interesting thing that happened after practice. Oh wasn't really anything from vic. Fangio didn't have anything that blew us away. But mellon gordon at the end of his press. Conference was pretty introspective talking about the relationship between he and philip lindsay and how that affected his performance last year. So i'm gonna let you hear his two answers. And i'll just go ahead and string them together now jeff leg while though in the middle as president was essentially ending. They'd said last question. But jeff did a good job of firing out a question. So essentially you'll hear. Melvin talk about last year and he got his own head and all of that and then jeff said well. What did that look like or or how did it affect you. I guess was the questions. i'll give you both of those right here. And then react to what. melvin set. Today you always. You always compete. You know they're always bring someone in here to take job so you know that's just the nature of business And you know it is what it is you know they brought in here to to to be to be adult. You know a dog must off But you know we're gonna come out here and we don't compete every day. I'm not really worried about that. I got to too caught up in that last year with phil And you know what it's not about it. You know it's not about that at all. You know when. I'm coming out here. I'm thinking about what can i do to help. Make the team better. What can i do to make myself a better player. So that's what i'm gonna come out here and do man just utmost confidence in myself. Come here and work. So when i testified i'd do i need to do one over getting caught on man. I can't really worried about you. Know who i'm competing with. That's just the nature of business. You're gonna compete every year. they're going. I've been doing it since i've gotten the league With austin would fill with just with everybody. I've been around some talented bags. And i'm gonna keep continuing to work man. I've i've always told myself. Work like a free agent. You know work like a free agent work like you came in here and you didn't have anything and has always been my mindset. I'm always. I'm always get like. I say i'm gonna do what i need to do. This team that's why i'm here. I mean it's it's pretty sofas planning for a me you know. Just you know a lot of a lot of people here you know. This is if i've got drafted to wisconsin. I mean to the packers or something like that. You know. fans feel autumn media will people feel You know just kind of taken away for like you. Taking away from their guy So you know it was in my head a little bit but you know like i said i got over. I kinda double what it was. And i was like okay. We're gonna share this thing. We're gonna make plays he gonna get his is never going to get called maga call. We gotta go out here in and make some place who's was in a position last year to where we could. I think that helped a lot to Getting over We got put in a position where we could have made the playoffs if we kind of got on a little street and My mind kinda shifted more towards getting into the playoffs. Because it's fun. I've only been one time. But i had a blast My mindset shifted more towards that than you know how people feel about me Being here china. Take the light from phil you know so i was like no. What feels good. Do we met him at our conversations. gird good do great do man. We still talk. I wish him the best Everything he got going on you know. I gave my advice to always dating. We were out there and it looked like competing against each other. People thought we bobbleheads. I still gave my vice. Because at the end of the day you know is bigger than both of us The right now. Like i say my mind says shifting more towards Get into the playoffs. Rather than what. Everybody else thought about me about that. Melvin gordon letting us know that the philip lindsey stuff did bother them in philip being a local guy hometown hero for not lack of a better term. That's what he is undrafted kid who not only makes good as a rookie but makes a pro bowl as a rookie and obviously a great career at cu or he was their all time. All purpose yards leader. It's a tough gig to come in.

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