D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser's Mask Gaffe Spotlights Gray Areas of Mandate


How about the mayor washington. Dc bush's epecial work. Muriel bowser she. Of course is one of the mega locked down. Mayors one of the blue bloods one of the the blue cities district of columbia mayor. And of course as we've seen over and over again the left is real big into rules for the not for me. Bowser was spotted mask lists indoors less than twenty four hours after she ordered everyone to were mask for everyone over two years old. Regardless of vaccination status bows office told fox news the wedding ceremony. She officiated saturday night. Apparently without a mask was outdoors on a rooftop and she wore a mask indoors. In compliance with the mandate the washington examiner however took a photo of her sitting indoors without a mask on and the photographer reported she was not actively eating or drinking when the photo was taken everybody it seems is revolting against mashed mandates even the people implementing them even even the politicians implementing the mash mandates. Aren't following them.

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