A highlight from Vesna Wallace: Exploring the Kalachakra Tantra (#122)

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Chats daniela get into night. I'm delighted to join by visiting wallace Professor in the department of religious studies at the university of california. Santa barbara and business one of the world's leading experts on the college aqua tundra. So there's written many books and written many articles on college outcry and so tonight. I'm sure we're going to spend a little bit of time on college. outgrown business. An expert in sunscreen tibetan and mongolian sources as well. So we'll start the evening with a anina view that'll go for about an hour and then we'll have a five minute break and then we'll come back for forty five question answer session and you can ask questions via the the A panel at the bottom of your screen our save those As we go through the night and when it comes to the question and answer session. Ob icing selecting questions in asking those questions. So let's get started has now welcome to the wisdom dhamma chat and thank you for joining us. Thank you pleasure when introduce me is expected to become literate because feel like when civil life. So yeah it is. It's cover next such profound in vast tundra right. And i was thinking maybe we could start with you telling us a little bit about the background in the history of the tundra. You know win. Was this tantrum popula. What type of communities practicing The tundra so maybe we'll start there. Good question specially. If we seven audience people who have not familiar with the tradition. So can we not only for legends so to speak for worcester. Differences are not too much other sources that are available to a missing. According to the tradition. It was told by with their mundi. In what is now under these In his food but manifestation where he was to select few including keeps each under who was king of shumba lion time and so. The tradition says tender statement taken into some Tables propagating it teaching gate dinner at some point it was deducted by magician actions another king of samba and then both tweeting via inevitably eleven's century tradition lives at a time when i defend with currencies social political crises india in also when the tradition claiming. This was a time when people could listen to the doctor. And you find that idea they kentucky The time conflict tangle of comb. You see team attempted itself to excuse me. It's dry kid. But also you see that in times when he becomes most popular when he ready becomes really widely propagated in tibet in mongolia. had his own Crises they big dental trophies of the collector tanta in light of the events that they were taking police time in in india the geographical environments but who practice this again you know. This is the latest in the last. We have an equitable that his emergency. At least of this unreturnable thunders. So who practices still of i think don rickles we know from Body of manuscripts preserve many of them are Skips essentially bonaly so that you can. You can see that that he too was promulgated. The collection since mine escaped. Did you see in tibet. There's a mainly in the tubing but still be harder what was in recent neither in kush meter get a did It's was predicts is on the feast instant quietly and louis Who stunned herself. Time going from. One teacher Okay i shouldn't go. Go jetro salvatore elijah. I wanted to learn abode collector. You're gonna cs you'll get happy but of course it was a bet Wear collect began to flourish for primarily among your who lupus and you know nowadays louis even see. Some mountain is secular and cabela's occasion in college degree. Nishi she's was at maybe them. This is not the primary this still. It's still hold their little mccumber. Tacoma on Gator dishes is for the last ten years of life heap next

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