The Significance of the Alamo

The Experiment


Happens at the alamo monument. Every day journalist brian burrow is a texan who writes books about texas history and he says people pay tribute to that history all the time at the alamo monument in san antonio texas it's like maca everybody in texas goes to the alamo generally multiple times. This is the jerusalem of texas. This is a secular holy place to texas. it's holy because in eighteen thirty six. The story goes that it was the site of an epic battle to make texas independent from mexico story for going on two hundred years. It's always been that. You know. Jim buoy davy. Crockett all went down in texas to fight. This dashed her mexican dictator. Santa ana course. Everybody was surrounded and killed. Texans lost at the alamo but that battle was said to be a turning point those men who died there were martyrs because after that taxes was finally able to defeat mexico texan colonists were fighting for liberty they were fighting against oppression and they chose to give up their lives at the alamo so that we could what has become the modern american state of texas. That's why some texans still repeat the famous battlecry. Remember the alamo to honor the martyrs who died. There and texans are fiercely protected of this history. I'm eighty miles north. I rallied down. To the alamo plaza. Every time there was a protest that threatened to turn angry. It's all i would do. And so this past june. Brian heard about a protest at the alamo. He didn't think much of it. I

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