Domestic Symphony - The Evolution of Digital Audio Technology


For a new home appliance. Let's say a new washing machine or dryer or a dishwasher. We ask ourselves a lot of questions things. Like how much does it cost. Does it come in different colors. What features does it have. What did the review say. Does a refrigerator crisper actually do anything with so much to think about. It could be easy to overlook what the product sounds like For decades thoughtful sound design and music was limited to the world of entertainment specifically movies tv and gains over in the world of manufacturing. Sound design was almost nonexistent. As long as the product worked in looked okay. That was good enough. Sound was an afterthought if it was even considered at all recently though that's all started to change in the last twenty years as smartphones laptops and tablets became more common. Our home started chirping with carefully. Designed sounds but for the most part are home appliances. Still just made noise in decades past devices were limited a cacophony of noise. That's audrey are beanie. I'm the ceo founder and executive producer of audio brain. We are a sonic branding firm. When audrey i started working in sound design nobody was thinking much about the sounds of household products. Nobody really paid too much attention to those alarms. And those buzzers That's what that world was about. It was really not much intention to the sounds. Your heard within your home but these days appliance makers are paying a lot more attention to how their products sound and they're asking sound designers to help them make new sounds. We're looking for sounds that add value not sounds that ed noise but that enrich that experience and make people feel really good

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