A highlight from E181: The business of jeopardy


Creating and adapting competition formats the way in which leagues tournaments and competitions structured the relationship to the commercial value of sport both as a way of driving demand but also on the supply side creating opportunities for investment history. Whether we're talking about twenty twenty cricket and the rise of the ip l. The current questions. Around the vp's new brainchild the hundred. We're asking what are the common themes around successful new additions. Such as the premier league playoffs for example feebis three by three basketball format or rugby sevens both of which feature the olympics. And what does the data say about. How women's football cricket and rugby could benefit by balancing components such as jeopardy quality and connection with fans. Guests are omar chowdhry and ben marlow from twenty-first group to thought about this question a great deal and created a model that approaches the format question through data lead decision making framework and i find the results of their work. Fascinating what it says about sport but also about the questions.

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