A highlight from Case #63 Shanghai Tunnels

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They have some of my coffee coffee coffee. Today's coffee is brought to you by. Maple pecan starbucks blue. That sounds really good It is at a little bit of like caramel. Creamer girl ou yang. It's wind delitzsch. Did hunts fancy mainly starbucks would sponsor us right of course if only if only if anybody from starbucks is out there and they just want to do a podcast sponsor like hey we got you. We got you. We love coffee will drink all of it. Yes though i have found like the this is silly but like the older. I've gotten. I can only have really one cup of caffeinated coffee. Otherwise i'm off the walls. And like i have the jitter so bad that i can't even type. Well risi i to get like that But i am just not willing to give it up. Well you see my hack is will have one cup of caffeinated coffee and then if we need more will make decaf so feels like you're having coffee. I would do that but back in my youth when i worked at a coffee shop other got I would make fun of people that would order decaf coffee so out of just like i don't know out of my own personal pride. I won't drink it. Oh my gosh. But it's so good. Usually it's even richer i think. I think i've had a few times mostly at your house right. It's it's good. Like honestly i wouldn't be able to sell a difference but no wouldn't it's just the principle of the thing you know i actually understand. And that's what's scary. I love it. I allow me to anyway. I cannot wait to hear the story. Because i feel like this is the first paranormal one. We've done in a little while it is. The one person goes. Yes and it's part of our spooky. October spooky be. Aren't we so excited about it. My gosh. I can't believe that it's october now. Oh it's my favorite my neck. I know i love october. Only one. it's cool out that's true. Sometimes october's are just like still scorching. You're right you're right. I think it's going to be cooler this year though i think so. I hope so. I've got my fingers crossed. I'm sending out the vibes to mother. Earth yup mother arts and cool it down. Yeah just hager for people. Yeah kouyate yeah all over just from every aspect cool exactly exactly. Calm down calm down. We can't take anymore. I know a place. That's cool though. And that's portland oregon. Who you're right. I guess that's our qaeda jump on in. Let's do it okay. Y'all eighteen fifty to nineteen forty one. My friends did you know that portland oregon during this time was known as the most dangerous one hurt like one of the most dangerous ports in the united states. I did not know this. I didn't either but it was so dangerous that it was nicknamed the forbidden city of the west. That sounds ominous. i'm yeah. I'm waiting for that. Pirates of the caribbean. Yeah exactly and you know it's crazy. I feel like i should know this.

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