The Complete and Abject Failure of Biden's Afghanistan Withdrawal Will Define His Legacy


Video of afghans clinging to airplanes as they're taking off this is saigon on steroids. This is a whole ariffin collapse. And it is a complete an abject failure of the bite administration and everybody knows it. Everybody knows it. Jim acosta blasting the biden administration. Well jim don't mean to be a smart aleck here. But you helped deliver biden to the world you helped deliver the by administration with your antics against president trump. This never happened under the trump watch. This didn't happen with donald trump. This is joe biden's legacy and he is in the bunker again. He's back in the basement hiding it's unreal jim jordan on tv. Where is he joe. Piscopo down the hall. Izzy sick is the il. We got a catastrophe that impacts the american people for twenty years. America's have watched their loved ones fight in afghanistan after the actions of nine eleven and the terrorists and before for joe biden to be on vacation. Do you know what the white house has done. They send out a picture of him sitting in this huge empty room with a bunch of empty seats staring blankly at a bunch of computer screens on the wall. That's the commander in chief.

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