A highlight from GSMC Soccer Podcast Episode 236: Recent soccer events


Welcome back to the mc silken but gusts drift to you by the mtpa. gas work. I am your horse. I know market today. We are going to talk about some of the most recent events that have been going on in this war. We the olympics stan. We pick up. America dan on we the european tournament. Dan this not a lot going on right now in soaker by what it is going on. Its trades on the the star of the season of several soccer teams. I think that barcelona play pool a couple of weeks ago. And i think chelsea had a so we are definitely going to talk about those games by one. I wanna talk in this first segment of the podcast is one of the biggest shocking moments of last week for me unfor- entire soccer wolf leo messi aids leaving barcelona and he's going to the price men and rumours easley mean rare marie and he's also going to send your man It's definitely to layer. That i never believe they would have leaf. Thirteen skirt taping there for many many years and i do i did. I thought i thought that They were gonna retire Endorsed themes whether they were the real madrid. Ethos luna it was. It's hard to believe that they are going to leave. Spain on you go play for a completely different team in a completely different country in this in this case for hints for both of them So i wanna talk a little bit about both of these players careers ogle achievements on either in their own Deem from their countries in this case circular most place for spain unreal misty place for argenti Recently i won't finally they cope. America is

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