Afghanistan: The Taliban Has Gained Ground at Surprising Speed


Afghan army is quickly losing ground throughout the country to the taliban now to bolster its flagging military. The government is arming militias to help in the fight and by the way it should be said. This was the expectation the expectation was that if the us left afghanistan and foreign troops also left that the taliban would do a takeover right. This isn't the surprising part. The surprising part is the speed. And that's what's caught everyone off guard. They started by taking a parental capital zaranj. Just over a week ago right. The taliban have captured the capital of afghanistan's nimruz province as they step up their across the country earlier in the day gunman shot and killed the head of the afghan government's media and inflammation and really taken almost every provincial capital since With kabul really the last main wanting to fall the situation on the ground in kabul rapidly deteriorates. Us forces there are rushing to evacuate all personnel from the embassy or images online. Coming out right now inside kabul the presidential palace overrun by the taliban as you noted. Us officials have confirmed to fox news that afghan president ashraf ghani fled the country. So at this point you've basically seen a complete collapse of the afghan military of afghan authority in just over a week or so. The blistering taliban gains have reportedly taken some us officials by surprise but many this week including president biden have kept the focus on the afghan governments. Need to defend itself. Gotta fight for themselves simply stunned everyone in the us and around the world and it is arguably already one of the most successful guerrilla urged campaigns in history. I mean think about it. You have a militant group that in a matter of days not only looks like it's going to depose a government but a government backed by a major foreign power. It's quite

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