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Brings their own set of lenses and perspectives to anything they encounter in the world and that includes scripture religion. Faith always welcome. Gentlemen bucs additional thoughts as well as attention to blind spots. I may not have considered this conversation. If this is a spiritual archaeology. I want us to dig together and briefly an additional disclaimer. To please be gentle with me. As i attempt to use the correct names of england great britain the united kingdom britannia the commonwealth. I'm going to do my best. Please be gentle with me. I am but with simple american. So what do i love about this topic What do i not love about this topic. You know some kids they get into princesses and ballgowns and they eventually show interest and other things you know like sports or music or whatever me and my friends. We wanted to talk about anesthesia. Anesthesia row. manab was she alive. Did she manage to escape the evil bolsheviks and go find her grandmother in paris. What about rasputin. He seems weird. There was a lovely young princess. A freaky men a rumor. A legend a mystery what was not to love about anesthesia. And then as a high schooler. i used to sneak into the library and stealthily. Check out this book series. This is embarrassing. Called the royal. Diaries now i was way too old to be reading these books in a way that you remember when you were playing barbies with your parents as a kid and they started to get into the story line too much like more than you were. That's what it was like me reading these books. But i really loved them and i followed this natural royal obsession from gateway drug anesthesia to the harder hitting substances like cleopatra marie-antoinette imprecise. I loved it if they died in a weird way. That sounds weird coming out right now but it's true it was really fascinating to me. And then of course elizabeth first virgin queen feminist icon. She of the frilly callers and many boats. And once you start reading about elizabeth you eventually fall to the circumstances surrounding her birth. And you realize this whole british royal family thing has far reaching consequences not just in that country but outside of that country and even into religious territories but of course the thing that really got me into the british royal family was prince william and those glorious sunkissed locks his keaton uniform. What elder millennial among us did not rip the full page photo from our moms issue people magazine to hang with pride on our bedroom wall. His little brokenhearted face as he walked behind. Princess diana's casket as a grown adult with a child and a mortgage. I made themed snacks for his wedding. To the lady with the shiniest hair. In all of england although i did not anticipate having to choose sides between william and harry which apparently they're gonna make us do by the end of this. 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We need to use specific faith-based lens by which view it extracting inherent theology and faith from an otherwise secular texts if we place our spiritual ring on the british royal family. What do we see in other words. How is the british royal family faith adjacent so a quick overview and i say quick overview. That's not possible. I can't tell you about the history of the british monarchy quickly. So i'm gonna do my very best but just know that i'm leaving a lot out. It's really difficult to nail down. Who the actual. I king of england is most historians agree on apple stan He was considered to be the first king again. That changes depending on who you talk to you. And he was crowned by the bishop of canterbury. A guy named anthem fun fact fact for protestants who do not do clerical leadership in this way. Archbishop is like a middle manager. They speak for or spoke for in the case of england the pope and represent the churches interests as well as providing spiritual leadership. Now i tell you that. Because i want to show you that right at the beginning church and state were inextricably linked and then we get to. Edward the confessor edward. The confessor is really seen as almost this patron saint of england in fact for a long time. He was viewed as the patron saint of england. He's the only monarch of england be granted sainthood. He built westminster abbey but even his canonization was political. It was used a convince a later. King to support a cardinal for the papacy. So it's always been really tied up with one another not a fun fact but a relic corner for awhile. Westminster abbey claimed to possess some regalia that edward created in the eleventh century. Chew be used in the coronation ceremonies of his descendants. This regalia which we don't even really know what it was specifically along with several other items like a ring and a crown that edward was buried in disappeared during henry the eighth dissolution of the monasteries. Which we'll talk about later. But edward the confessor is still buried in almost the exact same place. He's been for the thousand years he's been dead. So from edward the confessor on pretty much big mutual benefit society between the british royal family and the pope until fast forward about five hundred years and we get to henry the eighth and his need for a divorce. Now this is a big one. Actually talk about this in the red thread but one of the biggest things to come out of his need for a divorce was the church of england and this is one of the biggest ways the royal family is faith adjacent in relation to the church of england actually chatted with my friend noted british expert and the original bible bans residential bible scholar elizabeth behind. My name is elizabeth. It's actually elizabeth diane heinemann. So i have double royal names and i live in nashville tennessee. An editor a writer social media strategist And i was probably british in a past life if i

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