Ben Goertzel on the Development of Sophia the Robot

Eye On A.I.


I'm very interested in the end. The drive by many researchers in two unsupervised lowering different forms of unsupervised learning i. I'd like to hear generally your thoughts on unsupervised yourself supervised learning that doesn't depend on label data and then personally i'd like to hear what's going on with because i see you on the internet all the time but i've talked a lot to people in the chat bot world and adult understand what's going on with severe because i know that chad pods are not that sophisticated is to feel truly connected to in a i that when you see to it is speaking back is a topic that people are very confused about in in many different directions thinking. It's more than is unless than sophia obviously hansen's creation more so than mine i was i led the software team I two years in the first thing i understand. That's a hardware cloud one ansett a mushy platform as its lexical leaking control that same robot when a host of different software systems friends. If you're a naive observer watching if any the robot there's really no way to tell what's going on behind the scenes in any given was affairs on a major talk show is something may be less entirely scripted advent. Of course the humans many entirely certain advanced also reading a script reading off from there could also sometimes need some of in chattanooga by and large in such encounters. There's a lot of scripting ghoneim associate standing out by giving a speech to the un or something. there's a lot of just type in soviet is reciting. That's not a very cool robot.

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