California Governor Candidate Larry Elder's Message to Voters


Larry Elder. Um, what is the message that you want to say to the people listening all over California? Obviously you've gone through the issues and so forth. But That they must turn out. They must turn out in large numbers. They can't leave it to other people to do the heavy lifting for them, right. Well, that's exactly right. Mark, you know. Are you happy? Forget about Larry Elder. Are you happy that for the very first time, people are leaving the state? Are you happy that the price of a home has just now hit $800,000? Are you happy stepping over homeless people? Are you happy about needles on Venice Beach? Are you happy about the crappy education People are getting K through 12 while spending $15,000 a pop. Per year per student. Are you happy with all of that? Well, if you are, then maybe you want to retain this guy. But if you're not, how about some change? How about some common sense? Are you happy that this state is running out of water? Israel is a desert country mark. We've got a little body of water next to them called the Mediterranean. They've been able to figure it out would be solid nation plants. We have a little body of water next to what's called the Pacific Ocean. And we can't figure this out. Are you happy with how severe these forest fires are? Are you happy that $30 billion was stolen from the employment Development Department money that was supposed to be for the unemployment for Californians money that was stolen, but people in prison filing for unemployment benefits and getting them people, criminals in Nigeria, filing for unemployment benefits and getting them $30 billion stolen. Are you happy with all of that? If you're not go to elect elder dot com And throw something in the tip jar because my opponent Mark can raise and spend an unlimited amount of money. And he's doing just that. From the usual suspects. The teachers union, the public sector unions, Hollywood big terror, So throw something in the tip jar. Make this a bit of a fair fight. If you're not happy with what's going on in California, which is why people are leaving the state taking their jobs with them.

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