Max Scherzer Pushes Dodgers Into 1st in NL West


Who's in first place in five bobby who you think might be in first place albeit by half game albeit tied in the loss column in the national league west. Who do you think. That is bob. The team with the most good player so any team. That's that that it's finally coming to foolish wishing yeah and they got they got six innings at max Sherzer and yeah. They moved ahead a half game. Head of the giants on the las com. Yeah this is you know. This isn't the i would say. It was inevitable because the giants have been you know not faltered really all year but This could be their destiny. Sure sure yeah. Nobody should be shocked at this obvious. And bob and i'll tell you something The sherzer thing if they repeat is will go down as is important a trade deadline acquisition as there has been okay because we baseball you go back through history. Yes there have been a lot of moves like that for veteran hitters and veteran pitchers. Okay but bob. I very rarely has pitcher funny. The last time it was this profound. I think you. Maybe i'm forgetting somebody was ver- lander. His max is former teammate. In detroit going to the astros and helping pitch them to a world series. At dave roberts is telling me the other day bob just profound affect not just shares. His talent has had on this team but his professionalism. Okay the way he takes care of his business and wh when when the manager of a team that just won last year is talking about a another former champion. they picked up in this these kinds glowing terms. You can see no move if they win is going to be more important than them. Get max scherzer for the national.

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