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Students playing or practicing indoor sports until October 1st. And that would also stay true for your outdoor sports. So if you have a soccer player that needs to go inside to the locker room or go inside to see the athletic trainer then they would need to put on their masks. WBZ TV is in the Maldonado In Afghanistan. The U. S embassy issuing a security warning US citizens to avoid certain gates at Kabul airport. Here's a B CS Martha Raddatz. There are concerns the longer the US stays, the higher the risk at the airport, where they fear an attack by an Isis offshoot. We're operating in a hostile environment in a city and country now controlled by the Taliban. With the very real possibility of an Isis K attack, President Biden said August 31st as the deadline for the evacuation, a date the Taliban called a red line for the US getting out of Afghanistan entirely more in this report from CBS's Nancy Cortes at the White House, we are learning that the military has been conducting more emergency missions. Rescue both American citizens and C I a personnel outside of the Kabul airport, using choppers to do so to date, the secretary of state, saying that The 6000 or so Americans who were in Afghanistan at the start of the month. About three quarters of them have now been evacuated. Black Panther actress Leticia Wright is out of the hospital after getting injured on the set of the film sequel. Deadline reporting. The actress got hurt while in Boston during a scene with a stunt rig, while a Marvel spokesperson says her injuries are minor. She still got checked out of the hospital. The incident reportedly is not going to impact the film's July 8th release. Last body is being recovered and the death toll from flooding in Middle Tennessee now stands at 20 Humphreys County officials say they've suspended search operations are now efforts will shift to clean up. County officials also say more than 500 homes have been impacted by the flooding from recent rains, with over half of the homes being completely destroyed. New research suggests one gender may recover faster from certain types of injuries than the other women seem to recover from concussions at a faster pace than men. This is, according to researchers at the University of Virginia. In fact, Jake rests with the Department of Kinesiology and School of Education, says women tend to recover about five days earlier than men. Next. He will take a closer look at the data Rash told W V. I R. They will conduct a study alongside 22 universities from across the US to dive deeper into the data compiled between 2015 and 2020. I'm Rebecca Hubbard. 10 03 checking the highways tonight. The Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the three Steve, How's it look? Well done. We've got lots going on. We'll start you out west on the bike. Eastbound to work zones are going to slow you down first route 1 22 over to the Westboro Service area and then heavy between 4 95 en Route nine. 2 90, You're going to slow down for paving crews Westbound route 72 Route nine eastbound before Route nine and again at Solomon Pond Road Route to Work Crew delays east past 1 90 both ways between Jackson Road route 1 11, Harvard and Westbound L Wife, Brooke Parkway north of Town. 1 28 North. You're gonna slow down, PVT. You're down to one lane Centennial Drive the route 1 14. More work crews with a bit of a slowdown, northbound Grapevine Road and southbound Route 1, 33 and Gloucester and then again in Burlington, by route 3 95 self at a crawl. We have work Crews route 97 tops, Topsfield Road Inbox Furred and 4 95 North Boston Road to chumps would rest area watch for work crews. It's out to the city Expressway south beyond very slow double enclosure. Upon its circle to East Milton Square Root three north down two lanes and jammed up route 1 39 a route 53. Then again at the Braintree split route, 24 moving slowly with lanes taken south beyond a route 44 north bound in Brockton, a route 1 23 and then farther north, the ramp to 93 South. Is closed for 95 north, Heavy down two lanes by 95 in Mansfield and on 95. You're at a crawl, passing the ponds, Street and camp in two lanes are taken downtown airport tunnels. Ted Williams jam both ways down the lane in both directions. Otherwise, you're good on the Zika in the Tobin and sterile drive. This report. Sponsored by Compassion. International Compassion International has a network of over 300 church partners in Haiti. Poised to bring critical relief to those suffering because of a recent earthquake. Make your $40 gift now by texting the keyword radio 297646. Steve Perez WBZ 24 hour traffic network. Hey, WBZ Listeners want to win free tickets to see Dame cook. He'll be at the box center Wang Theater on October 29th and 30th. And we want you to be there for Wait for it free. That's right. Visit. WBZ NewsRadio dot I Heart calm to enter today. Brian Thompson checks the accurate the forecast. Warm and sticky for tonight, so I have patchy clouds around the lower around. 75 Heat Advisory is in effect for tomorrow as well of sunshine and clouds and high between 90 and 95. Thank you. But the real field temperatures will approach 100 in the afternoon. Still very uncomfortable. Tomorrow night Clear to partly cloudy, low 75 Friday a very warm and humid day with a mixture of sun and clouds. Friday's high between 85 90 of them much cooler heading into the weekend will be less humid, as well as some sunshine could see a shower to Saturday with a high of 72 immaculate. The meteorologist Brian Thompson, WBZ Boston's NewsRadio, mostly clear 83 in Boston. Hey, if you've crushed one candy, you've crushed them all. Break out of the boring mobile game routine and switch to best fiends that must play five star rated puzzle game with over 100 million downloads worldwide. This means has more Mind blowing graphics, catchy music and over 5000 levels to keep your brain challenged. Download best friends free from the APP

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