World Cup Qualifiers: England Lacking Answers Against Poland



Check out what happened. Today between poland against england finished one apiece. england opened the scoring some style. Brilliant goal from harry kane but a late equaliser Poland means that england's perfect record in qualifying as now. Broken now still qualify. Though they any problem have just dropped two points. So far in the opening six matches point nine for poland. They'll fancy their chances now. Moving up into second. That one point adrift of albanian. Thrash san marino. Five mil deja craig. Famille hero fino. In the fact that you've got england's sitting back once again well set by control most of the game but you think that lasts same minutes you feel inviting crusher on and then as a result you can see go which is writing slope because jordan pickford on the ball got charged owed almost ricocheted tease goalie at the sprint. Back to the light in there with a the spear and then just before the goal. Ko walker got. Tom bodley ernie really didn't have to tell you that the shoulder that put england on the buck for the never cleared the ball from there and paul and scored but in truth my one criticism of england would be for all the control. The the game didn't create enough. John's

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