Biden: New Attack Against U.S. Forces in Kabul 'Highly Likely'

NBC Nightly News


To. The latest developments in afghanistan and president bides new warning that another ice. It's attack could happen there as soon as tomorrow. Alley mattel has late details. President joe biden warning that another terror attack in afghanistan is imminent the president in a statement. Saturday echoing warnings given to him by top. Us commanders that an attack is highly likely in the next twenty four to thirty six hours but they assured him they have all the authorities resources and plans to protect our men and women on the ground this after making good on his earlier. Promise for revenge we will hunt you down. Make you pay a us. Drone strike killed two high profile isis k. members and wounded one other according to the pentagon who described them as planners and facilitators of possible future attacks. The fact that two of these individuals are no law long longer. Walk in on the face of the earth. That's a good thing. Mr biden vowing today. This strike was not the last. But defense officials were tight-lipped on if these targets were involved in thursday's attack at the kabul airport and guarded about the strikes specific impact on isis capabilities. We aren't thinking for a minute that what happened yesterday gets us into clear. Not a minute. The us didn't alert any other countries to the strike beforehand including the taliban the taliban condemning the us attack calling it a direct violation of the sovereignty of our country meanwhile us forces hustling to evacuate personnel with the august thirty first deadline. Less than sixty hours away

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