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Hello margaret is benjamin shapiro here and thanks for tuning into the mar tech podcast. Which is brought to you by the hub. Spot podcast network not spot. Podcast network includes great. Shows like the. I digress podcast. Which helps marketers streamline their businesses by sharing hacks mindsets and actionable tools. Listen learn and grow with the martic podcast. And i digress on the hub. Spot podcast network at hub spot dot com slash podcast network from advertising to software as a service to data across all of our programs and violence. We've seen a fifty five. To sixty five percent open rate getting brands authentically integrated the content performs better than tv advertising. Typical life span of an article about twenty four thirty six hours. We're reaching out to the right person with the right message and a clear. Call that action that it's just a matter of timing. Welcome to the mar tek. Podcast a benji shabby llc production. In this podcast you'll hear the stories of world class marketers use technology to drive business results and achieve career. Success will on earth the real world experiences of some of the brightest minds in the marketing and technology space. So you can learn the tools tips and tricks. They've learned along the way. Now here's a host of the bar tech podcast benjamin shapiro. Welcome to the mar tech podcast. Today we're gonna talk about the science of machine learning in marketing. Joining us is duane veron. Who is the founder and ceo of media science which is a lab based audience research provider incorporating a range of narrow measures including biometrics facial expression analysis eye tracking eeg and more with state of the art labs in new york chicago and austin media. Sciences discovering actionable insights in advertising technology media and consumer trends yesterday. Dr duane and i talked about how artificial intelligence and machine learning are changing consumer research. And today. we're gonna continue the conversation talking about some of the innovations from a. and m. l. in the mar tech industry but before we get started with today's interview. I wanted to share some exciting news as part of our relationship with the hub. Spot podcast network. I've been invited to participate. in hub. Spots inbound twenty twenty one conference inbound is an amazing resource to find inspiration. Grow your network and to learn from global industry leaders across business marketing sales and customer success. And this year's lineup includes some amazing speakers. In business and media including oprah winfrey dave chang spike lee. You know just me and oprah hanging out talking about our media empires no big deal anyway. You can grab a free starter. Pass to access all spotlight conversations or upgrade to a powerhouse. Pass for full access to breakout sessions. Curated meetings on demand content and more the inbound. 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Lincoln will help you reach your audience with the features that you know about like targeting by job title company name and location but you can also re target based on custom triggers from your website or even by uploading your crm lists and customize your campaign based on the action that you want the customers to take so look do business where business is done and you can get one hundred dollars of advertising credits towards your first lincoln campaign. there's some terms and conditions apply. But you can get by going to lincoln dot com slash mark again. It's one hundred dollars off of your first linked in campaign by going the lincoln dot com slash. Mar tech all right. Here's the second part of my conversation with dr duane. Veron founder and ceo of media. Science dr duane. Welcome back to the tech podcast. It's great sitting back excited to have you back on the show and excited to continue our conversation. Yesterday we talked about consumer research and specifically how media science is taking advantage of some of more cutting edge technologies monitoring the signals that people give while they are exposed to media and some sort of stimulus. Our dear hands get sweaty. Does your heartbeat go down. Does your mouth go up. When you see an ad those are all different signals. That tell us different reactions to an add. A political statement Somebody's presence so consumer research is being changed pretty dramatically by some of the testing and science. That were able to do. There's also a fair amount of artificial intelligence and machine learning that is going into the mar tech industry. Let's start off by first off defining artificial intelligence and machine learning. What are the two of them. And then i'm also going to ask you. Obviously what's the impact. They're having on the martic industry but start off with giving me the definitions of a nfl well rather than definition. I might just talk through. Because i think people here these things that they don't know necessarily what it entails and where the real revolution it's how it is that this kind of like turbo charges. everything. I mean it's really powerful implications. I hear artificial intelligence. And i think oh that stuff that google facebook twitter microsoft apple net flicks are doing and that everybody else says they're doing but really they're talking about marketing automation machine learning. Am i wrong. I feel like artificial intelligence. You need this. Giant data set and

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