The Day We Had Football Rules - burst 06


Okay so a study found. That texas is the state my homestay. Oh if the state were the most people have been attacked and killed by wild animals at wow here ran kill by the rest of the top. Five are california. Florida north carolina and tennessee. As you as you know. Everything's bigger in texas including your odds of being mauled to death by a wild animal. Let's a so we went to a lot of stats to find out which states have had the most deadly animal attacks over the last twenty years texas number one because of car crashes dear kill more people in the us more than any other animal. But that's that always skews the numbers right we're talking about actual attacks. They're also they're not factoring b.'s. Dogs cows or horses. We're talking about wild animals that the fight for your life stuff right so in the past twenty years five hundred five hundred twenty people have been killed in texas and california is in second with two hundred ninety nine. The rest of the top ten are in florida north carolina z. A georgia ohio pennsylvania michigan and new york. Meanwhile no record. Wild animal deaths in delaware. North dakota or rhode island rhode island or any wild animals. I mean there's a lot of bare land in rhode island but had some sharks up there. Bears are the top offender in north america followed by sharks snakes alligators and mountain lions. But keep in mind. It's still very rare to be killed by a wild animal right in the us. Let's discuss. let's do first of all. I thought florida would've taken that hands down with all the alligator tax and the sharks and the snakes. They have it all down there. But i don't know how texas pulled there on this. And i don't think of bees is wild animals and it's weird like attacking and like you to get stung by b. But i you've you're allergic to it or i guess they swarm you by the thousands orange. The allergy thing. I think is your biggest issue there. I mean you. Don't think of a deer running in front of your car as an attack. So there you go wild animals you gotta love him. He wasn't gosh. Where was that zoo in the news. Yesterday where wino- broke out of its enclosure attacked habitat. Yeah i was in north dakota maybe let me look it up to have james and the giant peach didn't bust out in the beginning.

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