Dutch GP Qualifying Report


Stop taking pole position at the dutch grand prix it to the absolute delight of the sea of oranges the grandstands the red bull driver was until form throughout the day showing absolutely blistering pace and he did not let up. When it came to qualifying he will start alongside title rival hamilton. He came close just under four hundreds of max but he couldn't quite take that pole position. Teammate voucher brought us will be starting p. Three tomorrow ahead of goslett who was on fantastic form once again and secured a p four start. Charlotte cloud will lead an ferrari. Thaad right after pipping teammate. By just one hundredth of a second a strong performance from ferrari especially from the team humanity repack hall assigns call after a big shunt in f. p. Three antonucci of nazi was a standout performer of qualifying securing a piece. Seven any six hundred behind la. Mp five after solid showing from the affirmation driver throughout today's session. Meanwhile there was no can be rocketing on track today. Often news break this morning that he tested positive for cave in nineteen as a result wrote cubit place winding up p eighteen equally. The app came in p. a. m. p. nine with daniel ricardo rounding out the top ten on while the was several standup performances. Today that will also some shocks notably the elimination of sergio perez and sebastian vessel in q. One traffic caused issues for both drivers with such a missing the kochav seven hundreds behind sonoda on winding up sixteen. Sebastian vessel found himself stuck behind the house. 'cause of nikki to massive pain and makes you mce forcing best to abort his flying lap. The hospital was summoned to the stuarts. But knife i've action was taken off the stewards deemed. It was not unnecessary. Impeding with vessel reportedly also explaining to the students that were just too many calls in one place. We had to red flags in the session. Both as a result of incidents involving the williams drivers fastly in q. To george russell suffered from snack of either. Stay on the entry into the final corner ending up in the barrios. The red flag was bored out but he was able to get the car back to the pits but with sadly unable to rejoin the session. So ended up eleven.

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