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Doing the games off TV, so it's hard. We're not there, but I sure thought it had a chance and Jack Peterson give him credit. That's a great catch that not only just to get to the ball, but then As awkwardly as he sort of stuck in the wall. Maybe his foot got caught a little bit there. Whatever to hang onto the ball is pretty damn good play. Yeah. If I was doing play by play, I would have gone into my home run. I was starting was starting. Yeah, Joe, I got this one. But bait, you know you since we're here, watching on monitors, like all you have is to kind of watch the route of the outfielder. So as I'm watching Jaak Peterson, he's in full sprint. He's not in drift mode. He's not. I'm gonna find the fence and make a comfortable catch mode. He's doing the okay. How many steps do I have? Before I jump, and I thought it was gone off the bed. I'm going to be honest, and he made a nice play. Nice catch. I don't know if it was the wind. I don't know if the way the ball was knuckling, but it kind of came down behind him, which Experience outfitted like Jack, as you wouldn't see him be that far off going into the wall, So something funky happened and he turned his body and the ball. He caught it in the the hell which obviously is not a secure place to catch the balls to say the least. And, you know, the Giants thought maybe it came out when he hit the ground, but a great play by Jaak Peterson on the ball that I thought was gonna be a homer. Mhm. What's so funny? It's just that we had to watch it on the mind. I know. Yeah. Oh, and then Jack, I'm just tired of Jack is a good player. But goodness great a lot of times in his career his but Mlada. His big moments have come against the Giants, mostly in that Dodger uniform. And mostly with the bat. Yeah, but that was a heck of a play. I mean, yeah.

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