Manchin Backs as Little as $1 Trillion of Biden's $3.5 Trillion Plan


It started off with a six trillion dollar price. Tag ben is lower to three point five trillion. Now there's reporting suggesting that. Senator joe manchin wants the total for the democrats reconciliation bill to drop as low as one to one point five trillion dollars though for what it's worth. Some people close to him say that his comfort zone is something closer to around two trillion. But here's the question. What exactly will the democrats top line number. Be the process of crafting. The bill will kick off in earnest today as the house ways and means committee. The education comedian labor committee began marking up their proposals and already there are tensions over the issues being voted on for example. We're told that the seven hundred sixty two billion dollars vision for education which includes more than four hundred fifty billion dollars for childcare at universal pre-k and hundreds of billions more for school infrastructure and free community. College won't likely make it to the white house intact. Likewise a battlefield limited resources is driving the fight over which healthcare proposals include pit into house against the senate and the white house. Now the dollar totally dictated by how much democrats can generate puts tax hikes and other revenue raisers. Which by the way is a huge area of contention itself. Democrats could find themselves with about one to two trillion dollars in revenue depending on how much they scaled back. The trump tax cuts. they'll also net a large chunk of change from the prescription drug overhaul though their sparring over details of that plan as well after the real fight will commence how to spend the money at feel like we're in like fight inception. There's a fight within a fight but then a fight anyway house speaker. Nancy pelosi acknowledged the coming battles over limited dollars. Where would you cut childcare. family medical. Leave universal pre-k both care right now. Most negotiations are taking place between house and senate leadership and the white house. But the real veto power lights with senator joe manchin and kirstin cinema so the more they communicate about what they will or won't accept the better. That's according to two senior democratic

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