Biden Turns From Afghanistan to Domestic Agenda


I am joined by byron york at the washington examiner and fox news. Good morning byron. How are you good morning you doing. Well thanks The lead story for me today has also the lead story in the wall street journal. The headline is biden seeks to shift focus to domestic issues after afghanistan. Exit white house plans to spend september pushing for passage of the president's agenda as he faces falling poll numbers. I personally believe that. Most americans know about the thousands of american citizens l. p. r.'s and sib holders abandoning afghanistan that they don't quite know the details but they're intently concerned with it and that it's an iceberg issue that the president is mishandling by treating it as something that will be forgotten. David drucker disagrees with me. Brian rosen wall. Very much disagrees with me. That americans are paying attention. What does byron york thing. Well i think that american's feelings about us citizens being left behind ghanistan. I think those feelings are essentially folded in to the poll. Numbers that you're seeing Biden's approval rating for his handling the situation afghanistan which are in the twenties. I mean those are nixon and watergate. Poll numbers So i do think that americans are aware of that now. A couple of things about biden changing the subject. Of course he wants to change the subject answer as well A lot of the pr. The question is what will allow the press. Go along with it if you look at politico's playbook this morning and we just tiny tiny little mention of afghanistan Much more on the biden Agenda on the other hand i was. I didn't hear the first half hour of your program Did you read. Senator blumenthal's tweets. Today did not. I tweeted the story out that he is outraged. He's a democrat but go ahead and tell people about it. Well Senator blumenthal Yesterday afternoon Posted a threat on twitter. My staff and i have worked night and day to secure the safe passage of two planes waiting in mazari sharif to take american citizens at risk afghan allies and their families to safety. My office join forces in this humanitarian mission with an incredible coalition of advocates ngos former servicemen and journalists to try to evacuate our fellow citizens in afghan allies by the way ngos former service members and journalists. Anybody missing from that list. Department and pentagon. Yeah exactly so anyway. He goes on And so this is as you point out a democratic senator which may be necessary to give this issue enough credibility for some members of the press to pay attention

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