A highlight from What 9/11 Did to One Family

The Experiment


Jeff mcilvaine idolized his big brother. Bobby mcelwain in my head. He was the top in world and the mcilveen family. Bobby was kind of a wonderboy a star athlete and astray day student. He went off to princeton for lot of probably be hard when brother. Who's that successful than once. You know he was just my friend he was my brother and when bobby graduated from princeton he moved to new york city and got a job. At merrill lynch jeff remembers one night twenty years ago when he traveled into the big city where his big brother lived. I am friends who got jobs in the city. So i was visiting them amid then after work and they were gotta report. Jeff realized bobby worked in the building above them. Basically so i call. I was like yo. We're downstairs and i remember like he came down and he was like where you guys. I don't know if he's going to panic with us. Hidden sitting down with my friends was like so excited so like bought a beer. And he's like i'm just gonna stay for one. He liked talk my friends and stuff and then he finished bureau get because he was having a good time. You know that was great but he was like i gotta go. Do you wanna see my office. And i was just now. Because he wasn't supposed to die in that state

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