Lake Tahoe evacuees watching weekend with hope as fire slows


Officials in California say they remain cautiously optimistic about efforts to fight that Caldor fire which is grown to more than two hundred and fourteen thousand acres with thirty seven percent containment he'll say the fire continues to move east but has been slowed down due to the rocky terrain cal fire operations section chief Jim Martin says that combined with favorable weather is keeping it from moving into south Lake Tahoe the incident continues to look better and better every day Eldorado National Forest supervisor dean Gould ad for grew a little over eight hundred acres yesterday that's a least a growth since day one all right that's pretty impressive but fire behavior analyst Stephen Palmer with cal fire says it's no time to let your guard down especially for the more than four thousand firefighters out there there's still a lot of heat out there there's still a lot of hot timber there's still a lot of tree stumps there's still a lot of potential for this fire to get out and move on us I'm Julie Walker

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