The Return of Cristiano Ronaldo



Today. We record this on thursday morning. Is the excitement building up in manchester for the return of christiana really is you. I think i think it was kind of unexpected deal when it happened and the got really excited that i think the excitement remainders. There's a bit of a frenzy of people by without those shirts and you know senior rinaldo songs. I think i think it's gonna be. It's gonna be quiet a case on saturday you know. I think he'll play. And i think that the reception be something very different events seen before when he came out with real madrid thirteen in the united by the big thing about the so-called magnificent seven. I think realized that one starts away. Have to deliver on the pitch. And you know that's the main thing is. It's not what the reception is. And i think he's all over and out on the page. We save a riding in his lamborghini. Any we saw him talking with oscar as well. I'm not sure really where they were. Maybe they had a coffee before you. Are you excited. And and what do you make of him coming to them. I'm not quite so excited. Because i've seen renowned play for the last two or three events different so i know exactly what he can bring what he can't bring. I'm looking forward to seeing in play for months united. I'm looking forward to seeing where they gonna play. And i'm looking forward to seeing how the other plaza just around him. I'm looking forward to same whether he's going to be an. I'll use this word carefully. Selfish selfish player was events or where he's going to be more of a team player manchester united. They're the key questions that everyone is going to be asking. And i would say a lot of manchester united fans haven't watched fee eventers so they don't exactly know what he's going to bring to the team.

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