Jaron Lanier on the Future of Humans and AI


You're considered the founding father of virtual reality. Do you think we will one day. Spend most or all of our lives in virtual reality worlds. I have always found the very most valuable moment in virtual reality to be the moment. When you take off the headset and your senses are refreshed and you perceive physicality afresh. You know as if you were newborn baby. But with a little more experienced he can really notice just how incredibly strange in delicate and julia impossible. The real world is Sue the magic is and perhaps forever will be in the physical world. Well that's my take on it. That's just me. I mean. I think i don't get to tell everybody else how to think or how to experience retreat. At this point there have been multiple generations of younger people who've come along and liberated me from having to worry about these things But i should say also even in a what. I called it mixed reality back in the day in these days. It's called augmented reality But with something like a hall and even then like one of my favorite things to augment a forest. Not because i think the forest needs augmentation but when you look at the augmentation next to a real tree the real tree just pops out as being astounding you know it's it's interactive. It's changing slightly all the time if you pay attention and it's hard to pay attention to that but when you compare to reality all of a sudden you do and even in practical applications My my favorite early application of retrea audi which we prototype going back to the eighties. When i was working with dr joe rosa and at stanford med near near where we are now. We made the first surgical simulator and to go from the fake anatomy of the simulation which is incredibly valuable for many things for designing procedures for training things then to go to the real person. Boy it's really something like Surgeons really get woken up by the transition. It's very cool. So i think the transition is actually more valuable than the simulation

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