A highlight from Ep 513 | Texas Protecting a Borderless America


Hey party time. Wednesday hump day. And we're gonna get into all kinds of things random today because i just want to. I'm sick of the headlines. Sick of the news sick of all the things that are going on. And there's all kinds of stuff happening and probably think you wanna talk about but there's other people talking about it so i'm going to tell you the things that matter to me first of all i don't understand i don't understand sarah gonzales malcolm back to the show name kale. I don't understand these people who won't tell. They say you're anti vaccine. I'm not anti anything. But i'm starting to get there like you keep pushing me and it's just like yeah further and further. I go with this. i'm like you can't you can't pull one single quote of me saying i'm anti anything. Look they're calling. Ben shapiro anti vaccine and if you've ever heard the guy talk about the most pro vaccine guy on the planet we'll see they say if you're conservative anyway that you are anti vaccine that if you have any questions or you say you know what i might want to wait until more people take it or long term studies come out or anything like that you are anti vaccine if you're fully vaccinated all the way other than covert nineteen your antibac- so here's what i will say considering over the weekend. Comedian chris rock's tweet right chris. Rock's tweet he said. and i'm summarizing. I'm paraphrasing. He said i have covert he goes. You need if you you really need to avoid getting this stuff go get vaccinated now. He's fully vaccinated and apparently has a rough case of it and he says you really need to avoid this. Go get vaccinated okay. So what clown world are we living in where that it makes any logical sense right well. The thing that doesn't work you just have to have more people go get the thing. That doesn't work so that i can not work for more. People does not make sense. Why don't you think. And i want to bring everybody else on this thing. Lisa page lepage made me do it. Bible friend lindsay. They're both sitting at the bar. And of course. Chris super mario cruz kayla. Driving us into of all things crazy and hypocritical. I wanna know what if one hundred percent of the people were vaccinated like. Suddenly tomorrow. Everybody was vaccinated. What would their. What would their battle cry. Be at this point. You just need to get more booster. You gotta get the boost. Yes right because let's face it. This is big business now. If you can't if the average person can't see through this at this point i understand.

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