Dissecting Fulton County Fraud With Audit Expert Heather Mullins


We have an audit expert. Who's been doing. Phenomenal work for real america's voice. Heather mullins high going heather. Thank you for joining us today. And thank you for the great work that you are doing. let's start with georgia and the audits. You've been doing a of work for real america's voice as an investigative reporter. Tell us what is the status of finding out what actually happened in the two thousand twenty election in the state of georgia charlie. There's actually quite a few investigations going on in georgia. The one most recently that i covered this week was A lawsuit filed by a group called voter. Gpa they're an election integrity group. That's been working in the state for over twenty years They filed the lawsuit. Too much unseal. And forensically analyze the absentee and mail in ballots in fulton. County georgia specifically. It's the exact same ballots that we saw in that state farm arena video that went viral of people scanning and ballots that they pulled out from underneath that people at one o'clock in the morning after observers were sent home well. Those ballots are the ones in question in this lawsuit and a judge so far have actually already unsealed then and what the the plaintiffs were given where the digital ballot images so every time a ballot is scanned in the voting machine Creates a digital and that is stored so they had access to those unfortunately in the resolution on images such poor quality that the forensic expert asked for a higher resolution and so where this case was a couple months ago was the judge had actually ordered that the town officials had to rescan those ballots at a higher resolution and hand them the images because georgia's secretary of state fouls degrees in his lawsuit claiming that it's anybody touch those ballots. It'd be felony. Charlie almost to try to like stop the audit from going forward and so this judges like all right. We'll working we're gonna take these people that can legally handle those ballots and we're gonna make them re skin them at a higher resolution so this case went back to court on monday and the attorney representing fulton. County is gonna georgia's talk criminal. Defense attorney is a guy named don samuel who tiny white collar criminal defense course at georgia university but then thinking right so he started saying that. The georgia bureau of investigation. The secretary of state office had already done an investigation and and there was no fraud like nothing was found and was basically trying to say you know grant my motion to dismiss this case. Will the judge said. Can you cite the report. Is anybody in this courtroom. Have any report from the secretary of state office. The georgia bureau investigation on anything. They've done that pertains to essentially counterfeit balance. Nobody had any answer. So the judge pause this lawsuit and is giving the secretary's day gb. I twenty days to basically bring them up to speed if they've done anything and if not i mean we go back to court on november fifteen the judge then move forward to continue until about

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