A highlight from Cortney LaCorte: World famous Cheese Boards, Motherhood, and Martini Journeys.


Well we x. Me out of that. You lost me. He'll ask me. I mean. I admire people who are committed to eating chicken and broccoli and no alcohol. Yeah i mean. It's definitely a lifestyle that i mean i could admire for sure. I don't wanna perfect body that same. I love food. I love food which has led you to your entire business okay. So let's just like briefly talk about like your name cheese Very longtime talk about your name today. Cheese i love you. Make the sharpshooter boards in nashville like four the it of it charcuterie board by party girl. Planner make it happen Dazzling how did you get started. I noticed your godmother in parents like it's literally the wildest thing okay so my godmother is essentially like world's most incredible hostess and sell but we're like close like she really is my second mom for sure In so i would do the sleepovers with her when all growing up from little girl to like still now goes hassle. Yeah she's the best. And so i was about fifteen this one particular night and she brings out this platter. Where like inner pajamas. Okay and she makes it like this fabulous spread at a mike care care hair harris. We call her career like her name. Her real name is like c. e. it's actually k. a. r. care like the most caring person in the world. Yes into their names undeserved. I believe it. Totally cashews just an angel. So i sa- carrot like teach me here and she goes okay. Couple of things. She says always have chilled bottle of champagne. Okay these are these. Are the rules like you have a store in. You have merged you need to make this merch like either online. I've ever think about

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