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Lisa Brady Fox News president, Biden says the latest economic report is further evidence of that, in a statement just released after unemployment claims hit a new pandemic low, there was a sharp drop last week and the number of people asking for first time jobless help 310,000 claims. Is the closest to pre pandemic numbers of roughly 225,000 week. The latest numbers are also better than expected. Unlike continuing claims, with 2.78 million people still receiving help foxes Lilian Woo enhanced unemployment benefits expired for millions of people this week later today, the president lays out a new plan to fight covid still to surge. Expected to include a mandate for government workers and contractors A flight out of Afghanistan for the first time since the U. S. Military airlift ended about 200 foreigners, including Americans were on a Qatar Airways flight heading from Kabul to dough hard today, though a standoff apparently continues over several privately chartered flights at a different airport. The US defence chief. Acknowledging the danger from Al Qaeda in Afghanistan. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin says al Qaeda may try and use Afghanistan as a base. Now the US has pulled out. I think the whole community is kind of watching to see what happens and whether or not Al Qaeda Has the ability to to regenerate in Afghanistan. Speaking during a visit to Q eight, Austin said the U. S has warned Afghanistan's new rulers about terror groups finding space. You know, we put the Taliban on notice that that we expect for them to not allow that to happen, he said. Groups like Al Qaeda or Isis will always try and grow. In what he called ungoverned spaces. Simon Owen In London Republicans accused the Biden administration of not taking that threat seriously enough. America is listening

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