John Ruffo: The Fugitive that Disappeared


The two had a simple meal out together at a coffee shop out of character. Rufo astor's wife for another date the next night and he seemed very edgy. I was talking like you know. I hope after this. We just have that simple life. That i always wanted with you. Simple is better and the next day we had my parents over as usual and his mom and he wanted all these favorite italian delicacies appetizers that we went shopping the day before and She went and visited my neighbor. Who is kathy and michael. Who took me in michael's from italy as it turned out he was asking michael where his mom lives in italy that maybe he can visit her. Because we're going to take a trip soon. It would be their final night together. Rufo vanished the next day and never said goodbye really hurt. He said goodbye to other people in a way just in the middle of the night. I know this is kind of personal but in the middle of the night. He kinda hugged me then. He couldn't look at me buried his face in my neck. He said something. But i don't remember. I couldn't hear what it was. As linda recounted those final hours it was hard not to spot the clues he kept bringing it up one place that seemed to captivate him italy

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