Till Danna, Joe Biden And Bernie Sanders discussed on Hacks on Tap with David Axelrod and Mike Murphy


Mansion and senator cinema are headed down to the white house to see joe biden separately today to to talk through a lot of this. I think there's a compromise to be had. I'm going to change a little bit of what what what bernie sanders told till danna as his kicker. Which is it would be a shame. If this if these things went down for america would be a terrible thing. If these things went down for the democratic party. I'm i don't know how you make a referendum election into a choice if in controlling government regardless of the margin. You can't see this over the line. And i think in the end that's what will get their joe manchin. We'll have enough to go back until west. Virginia i stopped crazy I think quite frankly progressives if they step back and look at what happened in the recovery plan What's happening in bipartisan and the structure. And what's going to happen and reconciliation will see a number when you start to add all that up somewhere. Probably close to five trillion dollars total. That's that is almost five. Probably five million trillion dollars more than they envisioned. That did they get in the beginning. Because sedans board they thought here comes moderate. Joe biden this this. This is the date the dangerous and we saw it with affordable care act when we couldn't get a public option in and a lot of progressive said. It was a failure. It was a surrender that they're gonna accomplish something that's truly Unprecedented and historic and they'll be democrats In the you know in the progressive base saying you know this was a surrender. We didn't get everything we should have gotten. this was. This was squandered up to me that would be. That would be a huge mistake. Yeah but but but is let's let let let's say let's say barack obama says okay. You know what we didn't get a public option so screw doing healthcare right right within the last eleven years would we have gotten healthcare reform dot right next fifteen years. Would we get healthcare dot. Let me let me put a finer point on it. I've met countless people over the last Ten years Who have been helped by that bill. Who who some people who say it saved my life saved my child's life. I would hate to have told those people you know what we would have liked to save your child but we couldn't get a public option. This is what governing requires. Yeah it requires making compromises in order to make progress. Even if you can't make all the progress you want. okay. I gotta go. No that bernie sanders. You sang what he has to say. He's going to wave the white flag. Now will that's what i was gonna say. He's played at very smart everybody's using their leverage leverage because of because of the of the number of progressives in the house. Joe manchin is doing exactly what you'd expect to a mansion. You right i mean. There is a calculated level of leaks. He gives a speech at a west virginia chamber of commerce. And all of a sudden that pops up on the dc press. You know like maybe we should. We should pause this and all of a sudden like some reports that from washington. Which i'm sure you know. Google maps had them get through to west virginia chamber of commerce speech. He's very calculated. He knows what he's doing on his say. All to bernie and bernie bers bernie is bernie knows. He's not getting three and a half but he's not walking away from three and a half. I think the thing for bernie is as long as he gets his vision dental and he may not get care of well. That's that's going to be a problem for him because he's made that his sin quantum that will be the real test. Well the the problem is is that that point. Then you're that probably means you walk away from a more permanent expansion of Of of obamacare in in bernie's hope of getting mirai air for all polo services bernie light right now. Put my five on on. Nancy blows in that. I'd here's my admonition to democrats who have listened to the last twelve minutes and have gotten closer to the edge of Of their window sills. Don't job there's a lot of public posturing going on. There's a lot of absolute worker laying. That's going on and i can assure you of this if everybody has something to bitch about the signing ceremony it probably means. It was a pretty good thing. Well i think a lot about them. Lines are going to be discussed at these white house meeting a

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