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And welcome coffee. Coffeehouse shops spectators politics fast on is by hardman. And this is the sunday roundup. The health secretary such javid joined nick robinson on the mark program. This morning robinson began the interview by luhia had to christmas. Jeff it if this festive season was likely to end up being anything like the lost is the winter. We're looking at going to be like closed winter. Or you hopeful. It will feel quite a lot better than that. I'm hopeful of course but we need to prepare for it because you're cova under the viruses. They like the ultimate like the winter. And that's why later this week. The prime minister will be setting out our plans to manage. Kobe's another your health threats during the winter. And what will make clear that. Our first line of defense remains the vaccine program has been enormously successful over eighty percent of over sixteen have had the double jabs far more have had at least one job and that remained vital. We still want people to come forward as anyone listeners. Still their pleased to come forward the those jobs. Oh a working but alongside that. We've got this new testing infrastructure. This huge juggernaut of a machine providing test up and down the country. We've got new treatments that we didn't have the last winter and we've got a surveillance system. That's the envy of the world so all of this working together to protect us. Let's just stick when you think we are now their reasons for being a bit more optimistic we get christmas you we of course we get christmas. We don't get locked down we are. I'm not anticipating anymore lockdowns. I think it would be irresponsible for any health minister around the world to take everything off the table. But i just don't see how we get another look down last week. The vaccines minister nadeem zahar. We appeared to confirm plans to introduce vaccine passports. A difficult for the government had been anticipated towards the end of september. But today javid was singing from very different hymn sheet. Can you clear this up on vaccine. Passports. it is only two days ago. names are hallway. The vaccine minister says the in light vaccine passports but it is the right thing to do. Has it overnight become the wrong thing do. There's no overnight about first of all. there's a lot of defenses. We've just gone through some of them that we need to keep in place here because this bars hasn't gone anywhere the still a pandemic of course me to remain cautious. But we just shouldn't be doing things for the sake of it all because others are doing. We should look at every possible intervention properly. So you asked about vaccine passport. So i think is i think most people instinctively don't like the idea i mean i. I've never liked the idea of. You must show your papers something to to do what. What is just an everyday activity but we were right to to properly look at it to look at the evidence or you know what what i can say is that we've looked at it properly and was we should keep it in reserve as a potential option. I'm pleased to say that we will not be going ahead with plans for vaccine possibles. Trevor phillips also feed javid. Who suggested that. He was working to scrap one particularly unpopular and costly aspect of traveling abroad. You when it comes to travel for example there some rules that are going to have to remain in place but the pr test this required upon your return to uk from certain countries. Look i want to try and get rid of that as soon as i possibly can. I'm not going to make that decision right now. But i've already asked a officials at the moment we can. Let's get rid of these kinds of intrusions. The cost that generates all families particularly families just trying to guard him holiday. We shouldn't be keeping anything that in place for a second longer than is absolutely necessary. Philip sorta direct response jaffa to the government's approach universal credit. The benefit was raised by twenty pounds a week as a response to the pandemic but it is due to end on october. The sixth however opposition parties of call for the uplift to be made permanent a quick question on universal credit. And you can do this on in. Yes and no. Are you going to cut universal credit by twenty pounds a week. We're going to end the temporary increase in universal credit. So the answer. Yes that you're not budging on that at all the increase which was temporary will be ended as planned. The end of this month phillips went to speak to the shadow health secretary. Jonathan ashworth who attacked the government's new plans to increase taxes in order to pay for health and social care. What our problem with what has been announced this week is a punishing on tax rise. That won't deliver the health care that is needed. We won't see people treated with eighteen weeks again lightly were under the last labour government. And it certainly doesn't fix social care the cop yes. It limits the liabilities that some people will pay out but only benefits one in seven people. What about the over six seven. Who sinoe benefit. You'll still have to pay top charges and fees. So you're still at risk of losing your house so it fails on its own terms in the small print. It suggests that because of the way the

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