A highlight from Smooth Jazz Weekend with Tina E (Feels So Right)


You're listening to the smooth jazz again with tina voice sweet as honey and a flu that is smooth as silk. Hello and welcome. Welcome to the weekend. Welcome to another smooth jazz weekend. I'll tell you could hardly wait to get here to be here with you. Thanks for listening. Thanks for joining me and thank you for making us. The number one smooth jazz weekend show. I'm tina your favorite owns bringing you indeed jazz and more only the best. We have a solid show for you from start to finish. Well-constructed constructed competitions amazing her highly musical and absolutely enjoyable and helping us get started. Is the amazingly talented guitars. Producer blake with brandon. single fill. songwriting. I tell you it's phil dragged. Co-head check amounted blake. Errand dot com. So let's get busy. Do school food. An picked steve off tax. Kim doc So thirty soon Was juan carlos mendoza featuring adam holly with life has stains in. There's no doubt about it. It certainly has. He could check him out at carlito. Mendoza dot com also joining him with trumpeter varez witted. With farrell's serenade he's said for as witted dot com. While you're there. Be sure like us on facebook at smooth jazz weekend and

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