A highlight from Ep 505 | ENOUGH: The Victim Mentality Is NOT the Way to Move Forward


It is town mom. Welcome to another wednesday up. So the chad british show hump day all day long. Hope everybody's having a good one good to be back with you to night in the mothership studio twenty two. The puppet master mark flying us into the nether regions of all things Insane crazy in america is no longer america. Chris cruise It's i over the last couple of days. I have been on the phone with numerous journalists spill. Spill the beans. If i said their name you would know who they are and some of the stuff that's going on in the world today. Let me tell you what overall or in texas overall Especially with this afghanistan thing You know a nutshell. We've given the chinese pakistan Iran even russia basically a big old fat launch pad. Their in afghanistan place base to operate out of Gonna be efficiency. The duly elected president of afghanistan of course was ousted he hit the road thereafter him right. They're trying to kill him in no one in washington. Dc saint anything about that so much for democracy. But i don't want to talk about that yet. I don't wanna talk about that yet. I want to talk about this little cut on my finger. I got a little boo built. A bed unlike stu and lisa. Who had to hire a handyman bill. Their bit. I built my own bed yesterday. A paper cut or a knife. Ooh it's a nice. It's no bigger than a paper cut. Okay but it was an actual blade. You were building your bet. Yep i had to get the some of the stuff out of a box cutting stroke and stuff like that was doing mainly stuff and ac is out in my house. I'm sorry so. I did it in the heat. I'm still. I still do mainly things every now. And then you realize you're in texas right. Yeah do you need a nine nine ninety degrees inside my house anyway. I'm a little little worn out but anyway hope everybody's having a great week a lot of stuff to get into today Watch chad dot com. Swirl the fun stuff is going to be heading to. Grand junction colorado. I have a show there friday night and then of course pueblo colorado. On saturday night. I have several people who say well you're going to the communist part of colorado. I'm like every city everywhere. These days is communist portland. Oregon is now banning texans. So you can't go to portland. We'll talk a little bit about that in the new abortion law. Everybody's kind of buzz about that here in the state of texas and now. Where am i going to be next week. i'm going to be in rhetoric. Berg texas on friday night incur. Ville on saturday night. We kept going to be seabrook. Texas cooper weighed in be down there boy steed. Helms will be with me as well as been mcpherson. Gotta be some big big big shares fabulous going to be amazing shows editor of you know big shows. Chris is going to be fabulous anyway. A lot of stuff going. Watch chad dot com has the information. I want to get right into this before we go to break. I wanna talk well.

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