The Creation Story of Bounce With Co-Founder, CEO Cody Candee

Code Story


Outsourcing network of local businesses all around the world big cities we operate different services inside of these businesses for the main one where the bulk of bounce is all around luggage storage. When you're traveling. Now let's check in check out day. You might have all your things in place to keep them with. Bouncy can open our app or a website and find a place to go and leave your thanks for the day the businesses that we work with make extra revenue off that after traffic and travellers all day of their vacation or business travel or whatever it. Is we see leaving golfer. Events wilson launched another product this year package acceptance rate on top of our existing network. You can send your packages to about slow pitch and help with traveling or if he lives in a city doorman i can't be around. Two receivers earned delivery so yeah sorta long-term and we'll be building bounds to help these small businesses make more money and then on your side we exist to basically keep people from not having to plan their days around there things anymore so luggage storage package. Acceptance tools will add more in the future in two thousand fourteen. I was working in san francisco. Some friends some co workers in the scrap. Some drinks after work. Someone said i'm going to join. But i'm gonna go all the way home. I drop off my bag and being minimalist that i am. You know living by this lawsuit that you're thinks she hold you down. I thought crazy how common it is for people to literally go way out of the way to plan the whole evening around there. Things spend extra money on taxis or the ubers and yeah it's crazy. So how can we solve problem. That night i was far. And i took the back of a menu. And we're just like writing all radios that came to my head including inbound that first day and the big vision is can we build a cloud computing infrastructure for the physical distributed storage everywhere. I mean you go with your thanks to you

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