A highlight from Happy Hour #425: Mike Todd


Dodd. Welcome back to. The happy hour was gone on jamie. I love you so much. I am grateful to be here with you and everybody does have happy hours now. This is great and let me just say you are with me a year ago in august of two thousand twenty so i think at this rate. We're just gonna have a yearly happy hour so it's every year. I'm going to demand the next time natalie shows up is all i gotta say weekend break. That have been she. She would be happy to give her a little bit of time away from all the babies since we talk last. Congratulations thank you so much. I have another bundle of joy. That i gave every name i could think of that. I liked to her name. Is g joy simone. Hope todd and it's all of that is her name on the birth ticket on the birth certificate. Because this is the finale for us it is over and the todd squad is complete. So we're we're really. She's three months and she's just squishy. I love her. I know your top squad is complete in. This seems like it'd be team. I except for you told the world this year so complete like you got this exit. You're done i'm out of here. We got it. It would be immaculate conception for there to be another todd squad member coming and you know it's crazy faith season so we opened for whatever but when not be the finale of crazy faith. You're not ramona. No no no no. We don't wanna do that. Oh my gosh. We have four kids as well. When i got my side. I told the doctor. I said listen. If sunday were to happen you we're gonna do. We got fifty percent here. You got paid fifty percent for this kid. Got a similar call like this is our kid if something habits news your yes. Yes is the three of us We'll congratulations on all the things. And you have a book coming out next week which i've had the privilege of get early Crazy that's only crazy until it happens. You know last time you were on the show last august if anyone to listen episode three twelve. You told a story about you going from you know taking over like being a part of this church and your parents having this crazy faith. And then you and natalie taking this church over And in this book you go into that allott and You know this idea of crazy. Faith feels very scary. If i if we're going to be honest about it because here's the deal mike. We want to have crazy faith. But we don't wanna get hurt and so it feels like if i put my faith in here like you said in the book if i say it out loud if i if i write it down in what if god does come through. How does that feel so at the end of the day. One of the things that i tell people is it's amazing. How many people watch sports and how many people actually played them and there's so many people that are in the stands like think about it like let's say one of the most amazing football season so we'll say like this stands all around the world again. Our field up there are some stadiums. Have one hundred thousand people that can watch and then people watching on television millions of people. But there's only like a hundred and fifty people playing. And i think about the number of people that believe god and how many people actually are playing in faith like how many people claim the jersey of christian and jesus and there's only a very small percentage of people playing the game because there's a chance that you could not win like if you don't play the game you don't even have the opportunity to see what can happen through you. You don't even have the ability to be able to miss a moment or make a moment because you're in the stands as much as all of us in the stands. say what. We would've done what we should have done. And what i would have done on the play. it's honestly frivolous conversation because we are not in the game. And i just feel like there's so many people that are going through life in the stands when there's a jersey with their name on it they could actually claim and yeah. You might get hurt yet. It might not happen. Yeah we might not win every game but the fact that we played this game called following jesus and actually got dirty and actually went to practice and actually did the reps and actually read the manual bible and actually if we actually did what would actually happen for those that are watching from the stands in our lives and for me. I tell people all the time that faith is the core ingredient to believing in god like we can't pray without faith. The bible tells us we can get saved without faith and the bible says this is a scripture that we always talk about a lot of people. Don't live to just show live by faith like we should walk by faith and not by sight and so many people in this generation. They believe more in google than they do in god so they have to be sure man they have to know that this is exactly going to happen but whatever happened to the mystery of god. Whatever happened to the things that we can't explain and we do not know. But these are the things that build our faith and make us a billboard for the goodness of god and so for me. I tell people all the time god is never needed you to protect his reputation and so many people because of pride. We try to be like well. I'm not going to believe for that. I'm not going to step out in that. I'm not going to stand on anything like let's just let whatever happens happen. Because somehow we're trying to protect god and christianity. Even doing this thing a long time where he's been. He's going to outlast every resume every presidential election every kingdom every pandemic. He's gonna still be here but he's looking for people to partner with on this earth to be able to see kingdom coming and it just gonna take crazy faith so i'm just one of those people that is choosing to believe and we're going to see god do some crazy things in this day and age. His best stories were not written in the bible. He wants to write new crazy faith stories through me and you and i'm excited. I love that you said that in the book you said i believe that the best things are not what we read or not the best things but the biggest miracles biggest faith stories. I mean we go through the lesson we can think of all like okay noah had faked before there was even rain and all we know all these things but then we get an our situations in.

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