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That's it yeah. I didn't know how i would actually be able to go in that and it does good. I'm glad i'm glad you. You experimented on my on my headphones on your year olds Lucky for you audio listener. You'll be he'll be fix that in post and Hopefully your ears or not bleeding as much Anyway dan harmon. He is over on instagram. As much of you as many of you know and we've we've talked a little bit. We've explored throughout the season pow. Dan has been on a little bit of a health journey. Health and fitness journey. If you will So this week in. Dan harmon social media minute. I bring you a collection of post three in a row. In fact all all posts featuring dan harmon's a food in this case a spinach omelet with what i think are yams and then youtube videos showing up on his ipad. So he's not a picture of his food and then a youtube video that he's watching his eating. So in this case adam savage making a dust collection system and he tags the real adam savage Along with that you can also see a picture of him. Eating spaghetti squash noodles and Watching bomb shelter videos Or cashew crested artichokes with garlic alii and house from you videos. So there you go. Dan harmon watching youtube. An eating healthy in dan harmon social media minute. Follow him at dan harmon on instagram. So you too can get pictures of dan harmon's food that is wonderful. Thank you so much travis. Thank you so much. Thank you so much to dan harmon for giving us that that that primo content nine. I know he's doing it specifically for us and can't we can't thank him enough. I just wish basically reason for him to post on the internet except for that segment so for him. Sorry his his. Instagram will be a lot quieter while we stopped producing episodes of this. Not we're not going to quit anyway. That about wraps up for this episode. Thanks everybody for listening. I don't think there's anything else really negative that is it. We'll see you for season six. How rat era. Oh oh wait now. Just scroll down the page break page break and asks so it looks like classic because we have concluded semi pertinent news. It is now time for our first of this evening's main things about doodle doodle dabo or audible robina rule with the main thing that you do always go like two rounds in the theme songs when i think one is probably good. But you're like nope second verse. Same as the first main thing avenue and and for video viewers. They get to see me really. Lean my my my turtleneck into it is that will that. What randy newman does. Yeah no that's the secret new shared it now on the internet. Craig who i love Anyway here we are. Also you miss a lot if you missed a livestream or the the video versions you you don't you. Don't get the full theme song experience without without all of your senses. So that's how we're bringing you inter dimensional rss in smell-a-vision next season season six Anyway now we're here to talk about episodes. We've got two of them to break down for you. First and foremost we are going to cover episode nine. This is for forgetting serik. Marshall and this was the first episode of a two episode. Evening that we got. If you're watching live on adult swim air date. September fifth twenty twenty one written by she open thompson. Yeah that that's good. That's good i was. I was miss letter. I'm going to stick with it. And kyeong he lemhi limb chung-hee limb. Sorry i've been mispronouncing shonky for the last week as well so i i i apologize to everyone. Yeah for me. Being uncultured episode guest stars lee harding phil lamar and alenia elena. More elaina elena lay more can read. I can read good. You did showbiz. i'm gonna so good. You do the next. Episode

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