Trailer for League's Upcoming Champion Vex Released

Four Wards Podcast


Announced a trailer showcasing. The new champion of vex. That's going to be coming soon now. They haven't even revealed the kit yet. We have no advice to give you guys yet. I just want to give everyone's impressions on this champion personally. I think she's a goff circa two thousand like high school goth kid and i fucking love it. Her like grumpy attitude is fucking hilarious and from what we saw the trailer she looks. Finish it to play Yeah i like that. It seems like they're not really. They understand what goff as in the way that gawked teenagers say cringe things and so vex like calls people normies and says a lot of cringe stuff. Because that's what goth teenagers do. And i love it. They nailed it so thoroughly and her walk. Animation is the best animation of any champion. It's so stupid it's wonderful. I love it. The i don't wanna go go anywhere. Walk animation is is great. It's so good. Highly recommend go to legal legends youtube channel. Check out this trailer with the champion actually drops. I definitely will be giving her a place. I can tell you guys what i think. I'm sure these guys will

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